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    The Kuyper Rolscreen Charitable Trust was established in 1952 by Pete and Lucille Kuyper. It was reorganized in 1968 as the Pella Rolscreen Foundation. Since 1952 the Foundation has focused on education and community betterment, and a third category of giving, Matching Gifts, was added in 1984.  
    Education was a primary interest of Mr. Kuyper, especially support for Pella’s Central College. His vision continues today with educational funding in each supported community. Grants are used for a wide variety of educational projects. A generous scholarship program for sons and daughters of team members has helped more than 300 students fulfill their dream of obtaining a college education.  
    Community betterment projects contribute to the quality of life for Pella Corporation team members and their families. As the company has grown and expanded, the Foundation has supported each new community where manufacturing operations are located.  
    The Matching Gift program helps direct the resources of the Foundation to eligible organizations that are important to team members. A Volunteer Recognition Program was established in 2002, the 50th anniversary of the Foundation, to honor team members who volunteer their time to improve their communities.